Fighting with the Spirit

Brothers and Sisters, in our personal, social, and professional lives we are required to make decisions. Just remember that whatever decision you make…it not only affects you but those around you as well. Be mindful of others when making decisions that affect your life…for your life is not your own. It’s really not about you. There is no time for selfishness in serving GOD! When you wrestle with decisions…only one decision wins…based upon your decision. It could be a good decision or a bad decision. Did you consult with GOD The Father before making your decision? Even if, it is a split second decision staying prayed up covers any decision you make. Sometimes it may be a decision between two good situations. Or, it could be between two bad situations and  you choose the lesser of the two evils. Each and everyday Life presents us with choices/decisions. It’s like wrestling with yourself in essence. Whenever you are required to make a decision…ask yourself…”Can I do it? And, is it worth it?” Whatever, decision you make ask yourself, “Are my decisions connected to the purpose…the will…and the plan of The LORD GOD for my life?–PGR